Hopefully by now you’re getting a flavour of what Black Ivy is all about. A stylish local Edinburgh bar, with a real passion for quality products, innovative design and a great experience every time you walk through the doors.

We’ve really pushed the boat out to deliver something amazing and gone the extra mile to truly make our dream of ‘local luxury for all’ a reality; from crisp tank beer to creative cocktails and delicious bar bites to nibble while you drink… plus the most comfortable bar stools ever created, we’ve looked at everything. Read on to take a bit of a tour round some of our favourite talking points and the stories behind them!

Local Luxury For All
Tank beer & chandeliers

Every detail of our venue has been carefully curated to ensure a really awesome experience.. maximum luxury whilst still being at heart, a local bar where people can hang out, shoot the breeze and feel at home. We worked with our friend Chris Hines from Redhouse Designs to make this vision a reality and Saved By Robots to help us shape the beautiful menus and the look of Black Ivy. From luxe leather booths with trees sitting proudly beside them, to elegant hanging plants and gold embossed menus sitting on slick marble tables, we’ve sought to make this a genuinely memorable and unique venue.

Tank Beer

Tank beer & chandeliers

At the heart of our Drafthouse, are the striking the copper tanks which house our super crisp tank beer. If you haven’t tried it, we urge to pop in and get a taste… next level freshness!

Penny For your Thoughts!

Tank beer & chandeliers - Edinburgh bar

On our travels, we’ve visited some amazing American bars and we decided to incorporate a little of this Yankee vibe in our own corner of Edinburgh! We have an entire floor made of nickel coins, which glisten and sparkle in the light. Next time you’re in, look down… you might be standing on Thomas Jefferson!

Vintage Style

Edinburgh bar chandeliers

We decided to bring a touch of vintage elegance to the venue, so you may find yourself sitting under a unique piece of lighting. Each of the chandeliers in the venue was hand-picked by us from a wonderful wee antique shop in Manchester. Each one has a story to tell and has shone some light on some amazing events over the years!

World Class Street Art

Edinburgh Black Ivy wall art

One of the many magical moments that might capture you as you explore the venue, are the pair of murals which adorn our walls and bookend the light and airy Conservatory dining room. These were hand painted by the very talented Rone, an internationally renowned street artist from Melbourne. We were so taken by his previous work that we flew him in specially to create these bespoke pieces for us… and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


We haven’t touched on our huge fire pits on the Terrace, the wooden flooring made from reclaimed 19th Century French railway carriages, the ping pong room or any number of other quirks, details and fun little talking points… but hopefully we’ve got your juices going and shared our enthusiasm for the place!


We’d love you to pop in, see for yourself and tell us what you think, book a table here to do just that.