When it comes to creating a positive guest experience in a hotel, hospitality is the number one factor to consider. It isn’t just about greeting the guests when they enter the premises; it’s about creating a welcoming ambiance where they can relax and create cherished memories in. 

Nestled in the heart of Bruntsfield, Black Ivy isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience wrapped in hospitality’s warmest embrace. 

We take pride in the unmatched hospitality that our boutique Edinburgh hotel provides to our guests. And behind that exceptional service is our warm and professional staff, who ensures that your experience will be unique and unforgettable. 

In this blog, we’re going to explore the warmth and professionalism our staff in more detail, highlighting how we go above and beyond for every guest at Black Ivy.

Experiencing hospitality in every corner of Black Ivy

The warmth and professionalism of Black Ivy’s staff are apparent in every corner of our hotel. 

Let’s take a tour and discover how each area is carefully prepared by our staff to ensure every guest enjoys their stay.


black ivy park view double bedroom

Our rooms are designed with our local luxury ethos in mind. We want our guests to feel comfortable every time they enter their rooms. That’s why our staff ensure that every room will provide comfort and relaxation to our guests.

Every bed is covered with Egyptian Cotton sheets to guarantee a good night’s sleep with its soft and light texture.

Each room also comes with complementary flavoured teas and luxurious White Company ‘Noir’ toiletries in our spacious bathrooms to keep you fresh and warm throughout your stay. View our room selection for yourself to get an idea of what we have to offer.

Nicole, one of guests at Black Ivy back in August 2022, highlighted the comfortable room of our hotel and our accommodating staff in her 5-star review at TripAdvisor:

The room had giant beautiful bay windows overlooking the patio and park. The room amenities were perfect for our stay, the bed was luxuriously comfortable.”

Our pub 

cocktails Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh pub is here to provide a cosy, welcoming space for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing drink.

Upon entering the pub, expect a lively and warm welcome from our staff. We make sure that a variety of refreshing cocktails and quality beers on tap are available to match the fun atmosphere of the area.

If you’re unsure what drink to order, our staff will be more than happy to give you their own recommendations! We will talk you through our extensive drinks menu in more detail if you desire.

Check out what Joanna Marshall’s experience with our service in here 5-star Google review:

Stunning décor, excellent service and food is delicious. My cocktails were spot on. Not far from Haymarket – 20 min walk so if you’re traveling from outside Edinburgh it’s handy to keep that in mind.”


Black Ivy luxury bar seating area with wall mural

We understand that special events need an extra touch of class and privacy. In The Clubroom at Black Ivy, you can enjoy private dining to celebrate parties. 

Our staff will take care of you and your guests – from the moment you book your reservation, during your celebration, and right until the end of your party.

We also provide tailored drink packages and convenient options for larger groups. Our staff will take the hassle out of your hands and ensure delicious food is served in a beautiful, unique setting!


Black Ivy outdoor Terrace in Bruntsfield

Outdoor dining is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Bruntsfield. To make sure you have a lovely experience having breakfast, lunch, or dinner al fresco, canopies and heaters are spread throughout the Terrace. 

And to even help you relax, our staff will fix you a fine Old-Fashioned to sip and appreciate the gorgeous scenery.

Mike Barratt said nothing but praises to our outdoor dining:

“Great little hotel.comfy rooms great nar and outside dining area and good food .short walk to castle 🏰 maybe 15 mins.”

Choice of food

Our staff is passionate about serving great food and drinks in a friendly and stylish environment. We make sure that our drink cabinets are stocked with a variety of drinks – great gins, interesting wines, and Tank beer for a diverse beer range – to cater to every interest of our guests.

We also take pride in providing luxury comfort dishes across our food menus. Our staff carefully picked quality ingredients, classic dishes, and gourmet twists and surprises along the way to add to the guests’ extraordinary experience at the hotel!

Look how Catherine Muirhead compliments our menu and our Chef in her 5-star Google review:

“Absolutely fantastic, great food from Startes to Mains And Pudding”

Black Ivy’s hospitality values

At the heart of our hotel’s essence lies a set of core values and meticulously honed training programs that transform a stay into an unforgettable experience. These values are woven into every interaction, every smile, and every moment you spend with us. 

From the warmest of welcomes to the finest attention to detail, we believe in crafting an atmosphere that feels like home – a place where you’re not just a guest but a cherished member of our extended family.

Let’s walk you through the cornerstones of our hospitality, where empathy, personalized service, and professionalism form the foundation.

Empathy and active listening

Our staff are trained to listen attentively and empathize with guests’ needs and concerns to ensure that every guest feels heard and valued.

Personalised service

Our staff treats each guest as an individual with unique preferences and requirements to tailor their service to meet these specific needs.

Professionalism and integrity

The staff at Black Ivy uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all interactions, ensuring that guests feel secure and valued.

Warm and genuine greetings

A friendly smile and warm welcome are the first things guests experience when they arrive at Black Ivy, setting the tone for their entire stay.

Impeccable communication skills

Staff members are proficient in clear and effective communication, ensuring that information is conveyed accurately and that guests feel well-informed.

Experience the warmth and professionalism at Black Ivy

More than its stylish decors and elegant atmosphere, Black Ivy prides itself for its professional and welcoming staff. It’s no wonder why it is one of the most established and highest rated hotels in Bruntsfield.

Ready to experience the perfect blend of style and exceptional service? Book your stay at Black Ivy today and discover a world where elegance meets warm, genuine hospitality.